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  • Dear Klainers, forget all the fanfictions you read. Because we have someone really precious in our fandom. She’s the best. More than best, she is amazing. Her stories are amazing, personally she is amazing. Just stop what you’re doing and read my lovely Janelle’s fanfictions. What are you waiting for? Just GO AND READ ‘EM ALL!

Blaine is the son of a conservative politician. He’s not allowed to have a boyfriend but he falls in love with Kurt however something about Blaine isn’t quite right. Something dark and slightly twisted. Rated M for language, smut, gay sex and dark themes. 

Kurt is twenty four years old and deeply troubled. He’s never told anyone about his past before. He doesn’t even see the point of living. Then he meets Dr Anderson and things start to change. Future Fic.

AU. Blaine is the most popular kid at school, he’s also a bully. Kurt is the new kid and the victim of the football team, but bullying somebody doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t end up liking them, even if you try your best not to. 

Kurt begins babysitting Blaine, his 6 year old neighbor, when he’s 13 years old. What happens when the boys meet again 12 years later, and there is an undeniable attraction?

Kurt Hummel has inherited magical powers that have drawn the attention of the lethal & lecherous Blaine Anderson,England’s most powerful vampire. But Kurt’s powers aren’t the only thing Blaine desires. Kurt/Blaine Slash. Supernatural Glee AU COMPLETE.
They’re best friends & co-stars, but what happens when that isn’t enough anymore for Darren Criss & Chris Colfer. A CrissColfer story. Rated M for later chapters.
When Kurt created a tumblr blog to help him mentally escape small town Lima, he never imagined he’d meet someone like Blaine online. AU Klaine inspired by a GKM prompt
My Name is Kurt Hummel and although once I may have been an innocent baby penguin. Truth is now, I’m a bit of a slut. Kurt/Blaine Klaine. Smut. MA. I Do Not Own Glee or Any of The Characters in it.
AU Teacher!Blaine smut fic! It was official; Kurt Hummel had a thing for his a teacher. “Oh, I think I just need some practice…” The boy said, walking towards Blaine again. “It’s something I have to show you though…is that alright, sir?”

An accidental tweet. A chance phone call. Or what happens when famous TV star Blaine Anderson accidentally tweets his phone number.

Kurt is back at McKinley for senior year! And he is falling in love with his new TA, Blaine! How will Blaine react? Can they break all the rules and be together? Or will they get caught in the process?

Epic romantic fantasy adventure, seriously AU, with angst and fluff in equal measure. I can sense your hesitation, but just give the first chapter a try. It’s been winning some folks over and it may surprise you.

Heading back from college for the summer, Kurt decides to pick up a hitchhiker. And gets a lot more than a travelling companion.

Kurt is a high-flying fashion adviser with an expensive New York flat and a supermodel boyfriend. Blaine is a rough, blunt struggling musician barely living off his wages, but getting LOTS of one thing. How will the two meet and what will become of them?

In the wintery mists of Provincetown, a grieving boy who wants to die and an undead boy who doesn’t know how to live help each other to find out the meaning of being alive.

Additional warnings: Gore, homophobic slurs, suicidal thoughts and attempts, homicidal thoughts and attempts, minor character death, grief, graphic violence, hate crimes, horror

What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all losses.

Kurt Hummel just wants to get through his Junior Year at McKinley in one piece. But when the new guy from Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys takes an alarming interest in him, he’s certain he’s going to be in for a wild ride. Badboy!Blaine, Klaine, AU

AU!Klaine. Kurt Hummel is 25 years old when he finds himself being the owner of the bakery he had been dreaming about his whole life, just in time to sweeten up Blaine Anderson’s days.

Kurt Hummel is twenty years old and living alone in NYC, trying to balance schoolwork and a very minor role on Broadway. After a night of heavy drinking, he invites a stranger to spend the night in his apartment. Little does he know, his life will never be the same. 

In a cozy coffee shop in a small town, a boy with beautiful blue eyes sits at the same table every day, as if he’s waiting for something, or someone. Blaine feels strangely compelled to sit down and talk with him… and discovers the unimaginable.

Kurt is sick of being pushed around at McKinley and is encouraged by his family to make a transfer. Will he find someone to make all of the pain worth it? …Most probably. Eventual Klaine. T to M.

AU-ish - Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since college. They would do anything for each other, which Blaine proves when Kurt confesses he has to go home for a wedding - a wedding where everyone expects him to bring his long time boyfriend. The thing is: Kurt doesn’t have one. But he has a Blaine, who is willing to help. Enter one group of crazy, well meaning friends, a week full of wedding preparations, and lots of sexual tension and you’ve got yourself a mix that’s just bound to blow up in their faces…

Kurt Hummel is McKinley High’s resident bad-ass but the arrival of a new transfer student from Dalton Academy quickly has his life spiraling out of control. Badboy!Kurt AU. 
 Everybody already knows what they are before their marking day. You’re a Dom, or you’re a Sub, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one you are once puberty hits and the hormones kick in.

But when Kurt Hummel is marked a Dom on his sixteenth birthday, nobody believes it. The jocks (all Doms themselves), irritated that they have no power over him, decide to make his life a living hell. But, Kurt figures, that’s just high school. It doesn’t change anything.

The only problem is, one of the jocks is a boy he doesn’t know. A boy he never sees, shy and hidden behind the others in a sea of letterman jackets. 

Blaine Anderson is a Sub, but nobody knows it. 

And he was just fine keeping it that way, until he saw Kurt Hummel.
Kurt is a hitman with a mission, to take out his targets with as few problems as possible. But his next target is going to be a big problem, if his hormones have any say in it.
Love Like Woah ‘Verse #1. Blaine offers to help Kurt afford Dalton by having him room with him. Love, drama, adventure, and lots of sex ensues.
AU, present time. Kurt Hummel is 28 and has been living in New York for ten years now. He has a good job, nice apartment and two best friends: Sebastian and Cooper. Blaine, Cooper’s 17-year-old brother, comes to spend the summer… Age-gap fic, based on a kink-meme prompt; there’s no innocence kink here.
When Blaine’s father dies Blaine has to take over his father’s job working for the prestigious Hummel family and the boy that he was in love with years before. His new job thrusts him right into the world he never wanted to be a part of again. Klaine.
  • Crema by twobirdsonesong
Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant. One of his tasks is to bring her coffee in the morning. Enter, Blaine, the shy, adorable barista who catches his eye.

This is the story of how they change each other’s lives.

It is the summer after senior year and Kurt Hummel has to stay with a sick relative against his wishes. Will Kurt have a horrible summer? Or will lifeguard Blaine Anderson change his plans, and maybe save his life once or twice?
Kurt and Rachel finally arrive to New York, where not everything is as easy or amazing as they’d imagined, especially they next door neighbor, a shy and mysterious boy named Blaine Anderson.
Kurt receives an email about a new follower on twitter. Who knew that this one email would be the start of something special in his life. Rated M for Language. AU xxCOMPLETExx
TA!Blaine, student!Kurt. Life is tough at McKinley for the only openly gay kid at school, especially when he can’t stop staring at the ridiculously attractive French TA…
When Kurt transferred to Dalton to escape Karofsky, he only wanted a safe place to go. He didn’t expect to fall in love. With his English teacher.
In a world where you know who your soul mate is by making eye contact with them, Kurt Hummel is about to get the shock of a lifetime. Badboy!Blaine. Kurt’s POV of my story Rainbow Connection, can be read alone!
A few days after their 2nd wedding anniversary, Kurt is in an accident and falls into a coma. Blaine struggles with the decision to let him go, and the night before they’re set to pull the plug, Kurt wakes up. 
When you break the law, most people go to jail or juvie. Unless you’re a teenage boy who has parents with a lot of money.
Then you might go to Dalton Academy.
Meet Blaine, Jeff, Nick, David and Beat. They comprise the Dalton Gang; The Warblers.
What’ll happen when Blaine, the leader, begins to fall for the newest addition to the Warblers: Kurt?
AU Klaine. Dalton is not the place Kurt Hummel belongs. Still he’s determined to stick it out for the six months the judge sentences him with and when he meets Blaine Anderson, he starts to think that might not be so difficult…but it might be dangerous.
Blaine Anderson wakes up one morning to realize that he can read minds. Now he has to get used to having other thoughts invade his own, and that includes Kurt Hummel’s thoughts about him. and they’re not always so squeaky clean.
Kurt kisses another guy in a club when he’s drunk. Blaine sees it all, will Klaine be able to make it through and have there happy ending? Klaine XXXX
As one of the founding partners at The Firm of Hummel, Lopez, and Smythe, Kurt is far too busy to worry about a personal life – on top of the stress of trying to make a name for himself as one of the most promising young attorneys in the Midwest, he’s got to keep a handle on his own office politics, which consist of Santana hooking up with their receptionist and Sebastian trying to get into his pants. When they hire a few new paralegals to help with their impending caseload, the last thing Kurt expects is to fall in love with one Blaine Anderson – and especially not on the eve of his thirtieth birthday. Can their secret office romance survive when their coworkers are quite possibly the nosiest group of people in the whole state of Illinois?
Kurt and Finn get shipped off to Kurt’s aunt’s farm for the summer, while their parents are on a cruise, and it turns out they have a farm hand that could make Kurt’s summer a lot more interesting. Klaine AU. Rated for later smut/language.
Kurt has just hit the Broadway scene. His biggest part is about to open in 2 weeks when he comes down with a cough. His friend suggests their doctor, Dr Anderson. Little does Kurt know that its really Blaine, the one night stand from weeks ago.OC included.
After a mutual split in college, Kurt and Blaine have settled into a comfortable, long-distance friendship, but things become complicated when untimely tragedy forces an overwhelmed Kurt to return to Ohio.
Kurt Hummel is a world famous model sick with the shallow ways in which our society judges by appearances. Desperate to find someone who likes him for him and not his looks he seeks refuge in the arms of the one man who can see him for who he truly is. AU
General fic idea based on the anime Ranma 1/2. Basically, Kurt Hummel turns into a girl when doused with cold water. What happens when he transforms in front of the entirety of New Directions?
Blaine’s been in love with Kurt since freshman year, problem is, Kurt’s his best friend. He’s managed to hide it for over three years but everything changes the moment Kurt vows to help him find someone to lose his virginity to. Cheerio!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine.
The Anderson house is empty for the weekend and Kurt is given permission to stay the night.
Rocky Horror Audience Participation AU, Blaine is a law student, forced into a strict life by his father, but he misses performing. A chance meeting spurs his old desires, and he finds himself joining the cast of the local RHPS AP, where he meets the enigmatic Frank, and starts to remember who he used to be. But Frank is much, much more than he seems.
When Blaine receives a picture text of Kurt kissing someone else, he thinks the worst has already happened. Little does he know how much more is really going on. Future!Fic. I promise this has a happy ending.
Kurt and Blaine never got together. They remained best friends through high school and college, then parted ways. Now they meet again in difficult circumstances. A story about friendship, lost dreams and broken hearts, with a happy Klaine ending.
Blaine’s a nerd in love, Kurt’s a Cheerio and oblivious. Thanks to Blaine’s sister Rachel, the love of his life is also his best friend. When Jacob Ben Israel sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong, things take a take a turn for the crazy.
Kurt discovers his new boyfriend is his best friend’s brother… her mischievous little brother. What does Blaine do to annoy his sister? Let’s just say it’s just as much fun for Kurt…AnderBerry meme. Added Sex Talk chapter!
Blaine’s thirteen when “things” start changing and problems arise. It doesn’t help that his sister, Rachel, always seems to walk in at the most inopportune moments. Eventual Klaine relationship. Masturbation, smut.
Fireman AU, set 7 years after graduation. Kurt is Kurt, except that he never met Blaine Anderson. Blaine grew up in Brooklyn with his mother and firefighter father. Rachel and Kurt have graduated NYADA, Kurt gained a Masters from Tisch, and now they’re in their first post-college apartment together ready to tackle their dreams. Unfortunately, Rachel never learned how to properly cook and almost sets their new house on fire. Enter Dreamy McFirepants.
Kurt is a waiter dreaming of high society living. Blaine is a wealthy music producer on a talent search. Starting with a designer suit acquired through questionable means, Kurt spins a web of lies to masquerade as someone worthy of Blaine’s attention.
It’s the annual crash-someone’s-house-with-a-keg Junior party. Blaine is ready to have a good time. As a straight guy though - the ‘good time’ he experiences is not what he intended…
Kurt was happy his dad was finally settling down again and getting re-married. However this meant he was gaining a new gorgeous step-brother, a step brother named Blaine Anderson. Innapropriate!Blaine and Sassy!Kurt.
AU: Blaine sends a text message to a wrong number by accident. Things progress from there.
AU in which Blaine and Kurt never met in Ohio; now they both live in New York City. Kurt spends most of his time trying to get by and to get his life back on track – Blaine spends his own working in a small coffee shop when he’s not in school, making moony eyes over one of his regular customers, trying to gather up the courage to ask him out.
Kurt attends the all men’s college Dalton Academy in New York. He meets Blaine who happens to be a first class jerk. But when Blaine decides Kurt should be his, will Kurt be able to resist him? Kurt has a secret and when Blaine finds out, the jerk in him leaves and the protector emerges. A/U Please read the triggers list on the first chapter.
AU. Kurt Hummel is at the lowest point of his life, he finds happiness in Blaine Anderson, a boy from a completely different world who is a mystery to him.
There were 3 things that Rachel had warned her younger brother, Blaine, about before stepping into McKinley High. One: jocks. Two: slushies. Three: Kurt Hummel. Badboy!Kurt, Anderberry siblings, Klaine.
Blaine is at last embracing his second love - art. What he doesn’t expect is for the living statue of David to walk into his art class in nothing but a silk robe… RATED M, for possible future chapters.
AU, BadBoy!Blaine transfer to Kurt’s school from Dalton. Kurt hadn’t notice that he was full on staring at the “Greek god”. Okay sue him he had already given this hot guy a nickname, wouldn’t you do the same?
When new Hollywood golden boy Kurt Hummel receives some disturbing letters, his manager hires bodyguard Blaine Anderson to be with him 24 hours a day. In an attempt to hide Blaine’s true identity from the press they decide he needs to go undercover…as Kurt’s boyfriend. Famous!Kurt Nevermet!AU
AU- When Kurt was attacked by rogue vampire Karofsky, he withdrew from everyone but his father. Desperate to help his son and out of ideas, Burt agrees to send Kurt to Dalton Academy, a school full of vampires, hoping against hope that by facing his fears Kurt will be abe to move on. Kurt just hopes he can survive the first day and resist the charms of a vampire named Blaine.
Kurt visits Rachel’s house for the first time and meets her twin brother. Her very attractive, gay, twin brother. Suddenly, he is all that is on his mind. And it’s mutual. Anderberry/Klaine AU
Klaine, from Blaine’s perspective, throughout their romance. There’s a darker side to Blaine’s past, and we see just how that affects Blaine and his family - and his relationship with Kurt.
AU: Kurt and Blaine aren’t exactly human. What happens when Blaine meets Kurt and turns his life upside down? They must defeat evil and trust each other or the world will become enslaved. Currently on hiatus.
Future fic! Blaine is a Social Worker in Columbus, OH working with troubled teens in a residential home. Kurt is lost to him in the stratosphere of Hollywood. A talented 16 year old boy is the catalyst that brings their worlds crashing back together.
Blaine was Kurt’s babysitter and now 11 years later he’s back, but this time, as Kurt’s teacher! Join Kurt and Blaine on the journey of their relationship. Teacher!Blaine fic.
Full summary in chapter 1. Blaine is a 27 year old sub who’s a teacher. He gets a new student - Kurt who is his 16 year old soul mate dom. How will they deal with their relationship and can Blaine adjust to not having total authority in his class anymore?
  • Bloom by alexwishington
When Kurt picks up a random guy at a club one night, he expects a night of fun between the sheets. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for him. Sucky summary I know.
AU Blaine needs to find the most annoying guy to play his fake boyfriend for a day so his mom would stop nagging him about finding a nice boy. The mean and sarcastic barista Kurt seems like just the guy for the job.
AU Blaine Anderson is cruel, hard, unforgiving and abused, and the only thing that brings light to his life is a boy that can’t even see it. BadBoy!Blaine Blind!Kurt written for Warblerinfections. M for language, SC and violence.
AU. Kurt starts having these very real dreams, dreams about this handsome stranger. Does the handsome stranger exist? For Kurt’s sake, I hope so. Considering how he’s fallen in love with him through his dreams.
Kurt is 21, has a dead end job in a diner in Lima, and a four year old at home. What happens when Blaine comes in the picture? AU, Klaine, Rated M for a reason
Nurse Hummel suffers from a broken heart… Dr. Anderson wants to fix it. Will Kurt let him? A love story set in the Lima Children’s Hospital. AU, WIP.
Kurt and Blaine met by chance when they were seven. They became fast friends and their secret meeting routine was only spoilt when Blaine had to move away. Now they are both studying in New York, only they no longer recognise each other. What happens when you begin to fall for your sexy yet annoying roommate. And what happens when you find out he’s that sweet little boy you met over a decade ago?
Kurt Hummel is a quiet, shy boy who really just wants to be left alone.Kurt Hummel is a Mystery and Blaine Anderson,along with his friends, are going to figure this beautiful boy out if its the last thing they do. Full Summary inside.
AU. VERY loose canon. Kurt has abilities that he inherits from his mother, which makes life more interesting and challenging. Finn thinks its awesome. What will happen when he meets Blaine at Dalton? Klaine, with a supernatural twist. Now rated M.
Blaine works as an adult webcam entertainer for the love of attention, too afraid to get close to anyone he meets. Until he comes across Kurt, a work-devoted magazine editor, who is possibly just as lonely as he is.
Kurt has barely ever made contact with anyone because he is a faerie. This is a creature, or person, which makes a connection when it touches another. When Kurt accidentally meets Blaine Anderson, this becomes an even greater problem than he predicted.
Ever since Blaine met Santana Lopez during their freshman year, she’s been determined to make his sex life outrageous. There’s just one problem: she’s completely obliviously to who his perfect guy is. At least until now. AU, future!fic. Heavy on the smut.
Blaine is a senior in high school, on the football team, gay, and tired of keeping all these secrets. When he can’t take it anymore, he starts writing love letters to Kurt, an openly gay student and his best friends step-brother.
Kurt, studying in NYC, is a self confessed size queen, but none of his boyfriends, including his current flame, have ever measured up. Thankfully Blaine, his best friend since high school, is hung like a horse and more than willing to help him out.
Young Kurt Hummel was constantly teased by two brothers. But one day, a strange boy named Blaine went to his side to help him. This is were their story grows and through the years how their relationship changes. Child!Klaine to teens. M for triggers/lang.
Kurt isn’t safe at the McKinley School of Magic. So he transfers to the fabled Hogwarts, where he meets a dapper Prefect named Blaine, a pair of hyperactive Beaters, and a quiet Gryffindor named Flint in his suddenly crazy life in the Ravenclaw House.
 Sebastian is bored. And when he’s bored he makes bets. He gives Blaine Anderson the school year to make Kurt Hummel fall in love with him. And if Blaine does, then he gets what he’s always wanted.
 As Kurt finished up high school, he had plans to finally escape Ohio with Blaine, but when tragedy strikes, both Blaine and Kurt must try to contend with obstacles they never dreamed of encountering
Klaine FutureFic/AU : Sometimes dreams don’t come true; sometimes the world can be ironically cruel…and yet sometimes you can find your salvation in the most unlikely or unexpected places. Klaine story with a twist. Rated M for later chapters.
When Kurt was nine, his mom, an organ donor, died. Now, at seventeen, Kurt is on a search to find who has her heart… but, what he ends up finding is so much more.
Blaine put the past behind him, telling Kurt to have the courage he couldn’t. But the worst happened anyway, and Kurt is left broken. Now Blaine has to pick up the pieces, but if he couldn’t have the courage three years ago, how can he do it now? Klaine.
Klaine AU fiction. Blaine and friends run a fight club. Blaine is lonely and angry. He has tried dating, but he just isn’t attracted to anyone he’s met. Fight club is where he blows off steam until one night a blue eyed boy walks in. M for reasons.
In Terra Fey, children are Matched and married by the Praefecit. Kurt has never agreed with the laws, but he suffers through it in silence. Everything changes when he’s Matched with David Karofsky, though.
  • And i read all stories which belong Jamie. She is perfect and her all stories are great. Read them all beautifulwhatsyourhurry.

Teacher!Kurt meets Badboy!Blaine, and lots of dirty sex happens. Basically. This is essentially 1 part plot and 2 parts porn. Don’t say I didn’t warn you..
  • Strut by MonochromaticSongbird
Model!AU; Kurt and Blaine hate each other. Like really hate each other. But they’re the best in the business and unfortunately for them that means working together. Basically porn with very little plot.
AU Future Klaine. Kurt goes to see Dr. Blaine Anderson every tuesday for his therapy session, but is having trouble with his recent dreams of the good doctor. What happens when his recent dreams come into question? rated M for hmm, I won’t tell :P
Blaine’s never hired a prostitute before. But he’s sick of being the one used up and spit out so he wants to find someone he can use instead.
Kurt happens to be BadBoy!Blaine’s French tutor at Reform!Dalton
This is a oneshot that didn’t quite fit into a chapter of one of my longer fics, Friends WIth Benefits. Basically just porn :D
Written in the verse of my fic, Take Off Your Colours, but you don’t have to have read that to read this. Badboy!Kurt, Anderberry siblings. Rachel’s trying to convince Blaine not to go for the school badboy. Oneshot. Klaine.
splitting off from where Kurt visits the Warblers. In ten or so years, Blaine paints a beautiful man who’s strangely familiar. Only he’s not quite the same, he’s broken and tired, and there are track marks up his arms. Of painting sessions, realizations, broken hearts and capturing the essence of a person in a portrait.
Klaine Oneshot: Professors Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson have eyes for each other, just haven’t acted upon it yet. Very smutty!
Kurt just wants to teach Blaine how to bake. Blaine just wants Kurt to stop licking the cake batter out of the bowl. The teasing is too much. Is this revenge for all of his eyesex? Klaine. Oneshot. COMPLETE.
Based on First Time Episode. This is a One Shot of what was in my head for their first time. If you know my writing, this is sweet, romantic, fluffy, steamy, hot all mixed up!
Same stories in different angles. College AU: Kurt only sleeps with straight boys. Blaine Anderson is a straight boy in his class. Kurt sets about seducing him.
Excerpt: “You just violated my iPhone.” -“Take the hint. Next time, do phone sex the right way.” Warning: Wes is done with Blaine and Kurt’s Sexual Tension. Blaine/Kurt, Wes, David
Puck’s not the only one hot for someone while preforming Hot For Teacher.
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